@felixrieseberg felixrieseberg released this Aug 11, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

This release mostly corrects issues found in previous versions of Ghost Desktop.


  • Support for Ghost's new Koenig editor
  • Various visibility, sometimes leading to a blog's admin page not showing up, have been fixed
  • The app is now better at detecting whether a blog has been added or removed
  • Some entries in the window menu needed some fixing for edge cases (and got it)
  • We've improved security a bit. Just in case.
  • The automatic login was brittle has been greatly improved.
  • The error page wouldn't show up correctly - that's been fixed, too (Thanks, @lunaticmonk!)
  • "New icon color" is now only shown when appropriate
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@felixrieseberg felixrieseberg released this May 27, 2018 · 42 commits to master since this release

1.6.0 is a plumbing-only release that doesn’t have user-facing changes, but improves a lot of the underlying technology.


  • 📦 We’ve upgraded Electron to v2.0.2, increasing the security and stability of Ghost Desktop. Most importantly, we’ve moved from Chrome 59 to 61, which makes the app just a tiny bit faster.
  • 📦 Speaking of upgrades, we also upgraded our UI Framework Ember to v3, bumping it by a whole major version. That’s good! That’s a lot of improvements!
  • 🚀 We used to run our own auto-updater service to bring you new versions of Ghost Desktop, but are now moving to a GitHub-provided one.
  • 🚧 Users shouldn’t care, but we still want to share the great news that all our tests are passing again, giving Ghost Desktop an A+ in its own test again.
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@felixrieseberg felixrieseberg released this Jan 29, 2018 · 67 commits to master since this release

1.5.2 is a little patch release that updates the version of Electron. It does however contain an important security fix, so we urge all users to update to this version.

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@felixrieseberg felixrieseberg released this Dec 17, 2017 · 70 commits to master since this release

1.5.1 is a little patch release that irons out some kinks we found in 1.5.0.


  • 🎨 CSS injections that slightly change the layout of your Ghost admin page in the app are now made at the right time, ensuring that you never see two logos at the same time.
  • 🙊 We have temporarily hidden the spellchecker configuration. The editor in Ghost is currently in flux and we'll make sure to re-enable it once we're done improving it.
  • ⚡️ A bunch of people had trouble adding their blogs because we failed to correctly identify said blogs as, well, blogs. That's fixed.
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@felixrieseberg felixrieseberg released this Nov 22, 2017 · 81 commits to master since this release

Ghost Desktop 1.5 focuses on quality - there are few new features, but a host of improvements under the hood, getting rid of annoying bugs and improving our ability to fix whatever bug we haven't caught yet.


  • 🖥 Screen size: We're now supporting smaller screen sizes so that you can use Ghost Desktop from your ant-sized screens.
  • 🎨 Speaking about screens, some macOS users had trouble with the transparent vibrancy effect. While looking cool, it's quite the burden on performance and is now turned off by default. If you liked it, the preferences will allow you to re-enable it.
  • 🎨 1.4 added support for blog icons, but transparent ones didn't look all that great. We gave icons a makeover.
  • 🎨 The window menu got a little makeover. Common operations (like "Copy" or "Paste") will now be more in line with your language and your operating system's defaults, both for shortcuts and labels.
  • 📝 We keep logging events of importance, but we never wrote them down. Now we do! Find the logs in Help - Show logs.
  • 🐛 For most users, Ghost Desktop would forget your window state. That's fixed.
  • 🐛 Some of the labels in the menus were not on par with their counterparts in Ghost Admin, which is now fixed.
  • 🐛 Window handling, especially on macOS, is now a bit more graceful. Closing, opening, and refreshing is all a bit better.
  • 🐛 Switching to the "Team" and "Tags" preferences had the same hotkey. That's fixed, too.
  • 🐛 Logging into a Ghost blog was extremely brittle – we have heard tons of reports from users that got stuck with a loading spinner that never went away. It got a dramatic improvement and should be way better at loading your blog.
  • 🐛 Sometimes, Ghost Desktop would try to change information on a blog you just deleted. It won't do that anymore.
  • 🔪 We cut out tons of code that wasn't needed. Mostly dependencies that grew too big for our needs. You likely won't notice, but if Ghost loads a tiny bit quicker, that'll be the reason.
  • 📦 Updated to Electron 1.8.2, Chromium 59, Ember 2.16
  • 🛠 On the developer side, our tests are now way faster. You, the user, probably don't care, but we wanted to tell you that we are testing the whole app in two minutes now. Cool, right?
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@felixrieseberg felixrieseberg released this Sep 14, 2017 · 134 commits to master since this release

This new Ghost Desktop release comes with improved support for Ghost 1.0 (and newer), upgrades all the internal plumbing to the latest versions, and fixes a few issues. In short, it's a good ol' release that should be less buggy, faster, and more supportive of your blog.


  • 🌙 Support for Night Shift
  • 🎨 Support for blog icons
  • ⌨️ Support for shortcuts on Ghost 1.x
  • 🔒 Improved reliability for username/password stored in the operating system vaults
  • 🐛 Fixed (even more) issues with auto-updates
  • 🐧 Linux: Improved package metadata
  • 📦 Plumbing: Upgraded to Chrome 58, Node 7, Electron 1.7.6
  • 📦 Plumbing: Upgrade Ember to 2.15 and all the respective addons to their latest version
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This release feels really big, even though there aren't too many new features. There has been a lot of work on the internal plumbing of Ghost Desktop. We updated to Electron 1.6.8, moving from Chromium 56 to 58 - and also updated virtually all other dependencies. Here are the changes in detail:


  • Bugfix: 🐛 There were a few bugs around "Find" (which can be triggered with Cmd + F or Ctrl + F). They should be gone now!
  • Design: 🎨 The DMG now comes with a custom icon (thanks to @mcizol)
  • Plumbing: 📦 Upgraded to Electron 1.6.8, Chrome 58
  • Plumbing: 📦 Upgraded to Ember 2.12, Ember-Electron 2
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@felixrieseberg felixrieseberg released this Feb 4, 2017 · 206 commits to master since this release

Hi there 👋 We heard about some issues in our last release, so we're squeezing a few bug fixes in before we're working on more features.


  • New feature: 🎉 You can now order your blogs in the quick switcher. Simply pick them up and drag them around!
  • Bugfix: 👓 Sometimes, the vibrancy effect on macOS (the slight transparency) would get lost after a refresh. We're refreshing extra hard now, ensuring that the window doesn't turn white in embarrassment.
  • Bugfix: 💌 Got names with cool characters? Our apologies for not respecting that, sometimes presenting you your characters in encoded form. They should now always come in a human-readable format.
  • Bugfix: 🔥 On Windows, the app would sometimes refuse to quit. The window would be closed, but the process would just hang out in your task explorer. That doesn't sound too bad, but that process would also keep Ghost from starting again. That's obviously bad manners, we should be better now.
  • Bugfix: 🎨 If you're on Windows and sometimes noticed a thin white frame around your window, we fixed that.
  • Plumbing: 📦 Updated to Electron 1.4.15.
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🎆 Welcome to 2017! We're ready to get the new year started - and have a new release for you.


  • New feature 🎨 Windows users will notice a super cute new frame! Black has always been cool, but together with a condensed menu, it's the new look for the spring 2017 season.
  • New feature: 🎨 Linux now has a maximize button, so that you can fill your whole screen with Ghost goodness. Sorry, we honestly didn't notice that we didn't have one until now.
  • New feature 🎨 Deep linking for Windows and macOS is now enabled. We're not doing too much with it yet, but if you're developer, you should check out the deep links documentation to see what cool things you can do to interact with Ghost Desktop. We even have a little' code example: This plugin for GitHub's Atom allows you to publish posts directly from the editor. We'll be doing all kinds of cool stuff with those deep links soon.
  • Bugfix: 🔧 If you're running Ghost in a local network (for instance on localhost), you'll now be able to connect to it.
  • Security: 🔒 New SSL certificates mean that old versions of Ghost Desktop will soon refuse to connect to your blog, if it's running on https.
  • Plumbing 📦: Upgrading to Electron also included an update to the latest version of Chromium.
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👋 Well, it's us again, with yet another release.


  • New feature: 🎨 If you're on macOS, you will notice that the blog quick switcher (the thing on the left side of the application) is now transparent. The designers over at Apple call it vibrancy, but we just think it looks cool.
  • Bugfix: 🔧 We previously did not properly escape the credentials when passing them off to the blog. Jake Champion is the hero who alerted us to this error!
  • Security: 🔒 We updated to the latest version of Electron (1.4.10), which contains important security fixes.
  • Plumbing: Upgrading to Electron also included updates to our automatic update technology and the latest version of Chromium.
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