@ErisDS ErisDS released this Apr 14, 2016

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Note: this release contains a breaking change for some Public API Beta users, as always, please read the release blog post for more details.


  • [Improved] Static pages now have structured data, just like posts, so they will pass validation for twitter cards and other social media sharing tools.
  • [Improved] Relaxed CORS handling, meaning less people should have issues logging in to their blog if their URL isn't configured exactly right.
  • [Improved] Draft post slugs (urls) are updated when the title changes, so that you don't get weird half-titles in slugs anymore.
  • [Fixed] Static files immediately result in a 404, because trying a filename with a trailing slash on the end is never going to result in a happier ending.
  • [Fixed] Incorrect preview link & icon position in the editor making it easier to preview your post by clicking the word "preview" at the bottom of the editor.
  • [Fixed] Requesting url as a field from the Posts API didn't return the correct response (Public API Beta).
  • [Changed] Trusted domains now require their protocol be included. See below for details (Public API Beta).

The full change log contains a list of all changes.