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@ErisDS ErisDS released this May 19, 2016

Note: this release contains breaking changes to the Theme API, please read the release blog post for more details.


  • [New] Subscribers (Beta) - enable in labs to collect email addresses from your blog
  • [New] Slack integration - notify a slack channel whenever a new blog post is published
  • [New] Twitter & Facebook support - add your social profiles to your blog and users, get a meta data boost
  • [New] HTTP2 Preload headers - get super speed with CloudFlare
  • [Changed] Image uploader - improved editor performance and a smoother upload experience
  • [Changed] theme API breaking changes - see here for the details
  • [Fixed] Errors in JSON-LD structured data output on blog posts & author pages

The full change log contains a list of all changes.

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