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Please read the release blog post for more details.


  • [New] Scheduled posts - tell Ghost to publish your post sometime in the future 🕑
  • [New] Configurable blog timezone - super important for making scheduled posts work the way you expect.
  • [New] Internal tags (Beta) - use tags for managing content without them appearing in your theme
  • [Improved] Install & upgrade process by removing dependency on semver which regularly broke npm
  • [Improved] Better error handling for visitors and admin users whilst performing upgrades
  • [Fixed] "Access Denied" errors when uploading images
  • [Fixed] Editing a post via the API without providing a tags list would delete the post's tags 😱
  • [Fixed] Problems running in nested sub-directories, e.g. mysite.com/my/blog
  • [Fixed] Session handling on intermittent connections - it should now be easier to stay logged in
  • [Changed] Referrer policy changed from origin to origin-when-cross-origin to improve in-site analytics
  • [Changed] Node v4 is now the recommended node version for running Ghost 🎉
  • And much more...

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