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@kevinansfield kevinansfield released this Oct 29, 2019 · 273 commits to master since this release

  • πŸ’‘ Removed list of reserved slugs (#11301) - Kevin Ansfield
  • πŸ› Fixed incorrect body class output on pages (#11264) - Naz Gargol
  • πŸ› Fixed editor showing incorrect domain and "unsaved changes" modal for relative links - Kevin Ansfield
  • πŸ› Fixed members export limiting to 15 members only (#11299) - Rishabh Garg
  • πŸ› Fixed 3.0 migrations on SQLite (#11270, #11302) - Naz Gargol
  • πŸ› Fixed migration path from pre 2.28.x to 3.0.0 (#11268) - Naz Gargol
  • πŸ› Fixed 404s when using a proxy setup with separated frontend and admin (#11269) - Kevin Ansfield
  • πŸ› Fixed "cannot read property 'length' of undefined " error in logs from {{#has}} helper - Fabien O'Carroll

Casper (the default theme) has been upgraded to 3.0.1:

  • πŸ› Fixed images on infinite scroll index pages being stretched in Safari (TryGhost/Casper#636) - Kevin Ansfield
    πŸ› Fixed styling and content display on the 404 page (TryGhost/Casper#639) - Peter Zimon

You can see the full change log for the details of every change included in this release.

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