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Welcome to the Ghost Github wiki!

The wiki contains all kinds of documentation about the development of Ghost, and is also the place where you'll find early documentation for working with the various APIs. These documents are usually aimed at the people developing features, so they're rough around the edges, but they're here nonetheless.

Here's a quick list of the most useful pages:


For contributors:

Codebase docs:

API docs:

Product vision:

Where else do I find documentation?

If you're a developer looking for the official developer documentation for things like themes, apps and the data API, you'll find that at docs.ghost.org.

If you're a user looking for information on installing, configuring and using Ghost, you'll find all those details in our user documentation at support.ghost.org.

If you're looking for a helping hand the best place is the Ghost slack team, where the Ghost staff & community are all on hand to answer your queries.