App Ideas

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A place to collect ideas for apps and specifically things that the apps need to be able to do.

The idea here is to list a high level goal, and then document what API/GDT features are needed to achieve it.

If you have an idea, please add it to the list no need to break it down into features!

  • Embed analytics code into every page
    • Be able to filter ghost.head or ghost.foot (need renaming)
  • Embed comments into posts / pages
    • Add configuration settings to the admin
    • Have access to a {{comments}} helper
  • Modify RSS feeds
    • Be able to filter rss.feed and rss.item
  • Way to supply additional headers
  • Receive data via webhook to add new posts
  • Github project daily/weekly/release summary post
    • Use Github Webhooks (git-at-me) to compile a summary of commits/PR/issues for a specified time range
  • Way to specify a path for receiving REST data
    • Have a server POST data to a ghost path that the app can then store and use (like usage statistics every 2 hours from a server, or to save/retrieve ratings of posts)
    • To provide a parallel REST API for meta information used to navigate blog posts in a non-standard way (i.e. not by date or category)
  • Hook into the login process to add 2FA
  • Hook into existing routes
  • Extend core helpers
    • It would be awesome to extend native helpers like {{#has ..}} to check for attributes in custom fields ({{#has audio='true'}})
  • Modify HTML before rendering from markdown
    • Could be used by syntax highlighters to recognise the extended fenced code blocks notation.
    • See also the request for supporting Markdown flavors in the list below
  • Intercept image uploads to generate thumbnails/etc.
    • Will need a separate permission that doesn't belong to a model.
  • Multilingual blogs
    • Each post could be annotated with an AppField language - would require post filtering by AppField value (only posts with app_field language = en)
  • Add roles and authentication to frontend (described here)
  • Hook into saving/deleting of posts (observer pattern)
  • Ability to like posts, track views. Some sort of stats tracking per post which can be used for sorting by likes, views, etc
  • Tag Cloud
  • Include "featured post" on front page - one way to do this would be have a "featured" tag and an api for /tag/:tag
  • Add mp4 video same was as images, but with Automatic generation of HLS-files and thumbnail.
  • support add webhook when added or updated post, and the web hook URL can define by admin.

Quick List from looking around GitHub / Forum:

  • Editor stuff
  • Media
    • oEmbed
  • Login
    • 2FA
    • OAuth / Google/FB logins
  • Blog output
    • RSS with excerpt
    • Meta data
    • Reading time
    • bookmarklets
  • Infra
    • 301 redirects
    • output flat files

Places to go for inspiration:

App Profiles

Disqus App

Type: comments

Quite possibly the most frequent change made to Casper, or any other theme, is to add comments. Disqus has emerged as a clear favourite of all the services available for adding comments to your blog, already available as a built-in part of many themes.

An App for Disqus would allow users to add Disqus comments to their blog without having to touch theme files or code. The only unique piece of configuration for Disqus would be the shortname. Therefore a setting would be needed for users to enter this.

A Disqus App may also wish to provide a comment count, which themes can also use if it is available.

As an advanced feature, the App may also wish to add an extra field for posts, so that users can turn comments on or off at a post level.

As an interim, until the {{comments}} helper becomes widely used, the theme might want to provide a checkbox allowing the user to 'force' comments - which the theme might use some other way.

Basic features (should be available in 0.5):

  • I want to embed data into post.hbs, either via a filter, or via a helper.
  • I want to have a settings page where users can enter their disqus code
  • I want to provide a custom helper for comment_count on the blog frontend

Advanced features (may not become available until later):

  • I want to display comment_count in the admin UI
  • I want to provide post-level configuration for comments
  • I want to register dashboard widgets


  • The app gets added to the filesystem and marked as active.
  • This causes the app to be installed, which means that the custom 'shortname' setting is registered with the database with a default value of null.
  • Because the shortname is null, there should be no impact at this stage - filters and helpers are not registered.
  • User visits the app settings screen, enters their shortname and presses save
  • This causes the app to register its filters and helpers, as they are now usable.
  • Any restarts of Ghost will cause the app to be reactivated, and activating will now trigger filters and helpers to be registered because the shortname is now present

Quick Question / Poll / Mini Survey - App

I'm finding more and more that I would just like to ask my readers a quick question or get feedback from friends/followers on Facebook or Twitter. It would be great to have a simple way to create these forms (markdown), view results in admin and also be able to post graphs and results to blog posts. It could also be used for free event or meet up registrations and mailing list subscriptions. Login (with Facebook, Twitter, Google) should be optional (forceable in admin) and feedback can be anonymous or using a temporary username.