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Javascript Content API Client Libarary – Ghost
Ghost provides a flexible promise-based JavaScript library for accessing the Content API which can be used in any JavaScript project. Read more on Ghost Docs 👉
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Ghost provides promise-based JavaScript client libraries, which handle the details of authentication, request and response formats and makes working with each API as easy as possible. Each API has its own client library.

Content API Client Library

The Content API client library is a lightweight tool, available for both the browser and Node.js.

The Content API is designed for any situation in which you want to fetch data from your Ghost install. It supports a wide range of use cases, such as creating a latest posts widget on your site or generating a fully static Gatsby site.

Admin API Client Library

The Admin API client library is designed for integrations that use private API keys, and is for Node.js only.

The Admin API supports publishing workflows where you want to integrate Ghost with other tools, such as publishing content from a desktop editor, automatically sharing content to social media, or syncing data to and from email campaign software.

JavaScript SDK

As well as individual client libraries, we have an ever-growing JavaScript SDK with a suite of tools that help you work with your data before and after working with the API.

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