DB migration tool for knex
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DB migration tool for knex


npm install -g knex-migrator --save

important facts

If you are using mysql, knex-migrator is able to create the database for you. If it already exists, it skips. Don't forget to set your connection.charset.


knex-migrator requires a config file. Please provide a file named MigratorConfig.js in your project root.

module.exports = {
    database: {
        client: 'mysql',
        connection: {
            host: '',
            user: 'user',
            password: 'password',
            charset: 'utf8',
            name: 'ghost'
    migrationPath: process.cwd() + '/core/server/data/migrations',
    currentVersion: 'your-current-database-version'
module.exports = {
    database: {
        client: 'sqlite3',
        connection: {
            filename: 'path/to/your.db'
    migrationPath: process.cwd() + '/core/server/data/migrations',
    currentVersion: 'your-current-database-version'

CLI usage

knex-migrator help
knex-migrator health [shows the database health]

knex-migrator init [initialises your database based on your init scripts]
knex-migrator init --skip 1
knex-migrator init --only 1

knex-migrator migrate [migrates your database to latest state, rolls back if an error happens]
knex-migrator migrate --v 1.2
knex-migrator migrate --v 1.2 --force [doesn't matter which current version you are on, we force executing the version]

knex-migrator reset [resets your database]

JS usage

var KnexMigrator = require('knex-migrator');
var knexMigrator = new KnexMigrator({
    knexMigratorFilePath: 'path-to-migrator-config-file' [optional]

// check your database health
  .then(function() {
     // database is OK
  .catch(function(err) {
     // err contains a specific code, based on that code you decide (err.code)

     // database is not initialised?

     // database is not migrated?


Knex-migrator offers you to hook into the process of executing scripts. The hooks won't work for initialisation right now. All hooks are optional. Hooks need to live in the migrationPath you have offered.

You can disable the hooks passing: knexMigrator.init({disableHooks: true});

The folder name must be hooks - this is not configureable right now. Please create an index.js file to export your functions.

before - is called before anything happens beforeEach - is called before each migration script after - is called after everything happened afterEach - is called after each migration script


exports.before = require('./before'); 
exports.beforeEach = = require('./before');

your migration folder (example)

  • hooks
    • migrate
      • before.js
      • index.js
    • init
      • after.js
      • index.js
  • init
    • 1-create-tables.js
    • 2-seed.js
  • 1.0
    • 1-update-user.js
    • 2-change-permissions.js


DEBUG=knex-migrator:* knex-migrator health

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT license.