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A collection of tools for migrating to Ghost.

Each tool has its own detailed documentation:


Migrate is a set of command line tools, install them globally:

npm install --global @tryghost/migrate


Run migrate --help to see a list of available commands.

Basic usage is migrate [source] source-info:


migrate medium --pathToZip /path/to/

migrate wp-api --url

Each source comes with optional flags to customise the migration:

migrate [source] --help will give more detail


This is a mono repository, managed with lerna.

  1. git clone this repo & cd into it as usual
  2. yarn setup is mapped to lerna bootstrap
    • installs all external dependencies
    • links all internal dependencies


To make sure the TypeScript packages are built (immediately and after file changes), use

yarn build:watch

Or run yarn build once if you don't need the watching.

To run a local development copy, cd into this directory, and use yarn dev instead of migrate like so:

yarn dev [source]


  • yarn lint run just eslint
  • yarn test run lint and tests


  • yarn ship is an alias for lerna publish
    • Publishes all packages which have changed
    • Also updates any packages which depend on changed packages

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2023 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT license.