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C#, F#, and VB.NET Mono project files for TIO

The compiler and runtime used by the languages C# (Visual C# Compiler), C# (Mono C# Compiler), F# (Mono), Visual Basic .NET (Mono), and Visual Basic .NET (VBC) on TIO come from Mono. The Visual C# Compiler is the Roslyn compiler csc and the Mono C# Compiler is the older mcs, and the Mono VB.NET compiler is the older vbnc compiler (vbc is the newer Roslyn compiler).

All of these languages are built using the msbuild tool, the Compiler flags field specifies options passed to msbuild rather than the individual compilers. Certain msbuild options may cause problems with Visual Basic .NET (Mono), which uses slightly different flags from the vbc compiler msbuild is intended to work with.

Each languages uses a similar .csproj/.fsproj/.vbproj file. These project files mostly resemble the defaults created by MonoDevelop, however C# is set to use the latest language version rather than the latest major version, F# has tail-call optimization enabled by default, VB.NET has certain imports enabled by default to match what Visual Studio 2017 uses, and all languages have unsafe code enabled.

Additionally, the following libraries from Nuget are available to all 3 languages:

  • CsvHelper
  • DynamicExpresso.Core
  • FParsec
  • FSharp.Core
  • MathNet.Numerics
  • MathNet.Numerics.FSharp
  • MathNet.Symbolics
  • Microsoft.Z3
  • morelinq
  • NDesk.Options
  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • Nito.AsyncEx.Context
  • Nito.AsyncEx.Coordination
  • Nito.AsyncEx.Interop.WaitHandles
  • Nito.AsyncEx.Oop
  • Nito.AsyncEx.Tasks
  • Nito.Cancellation
  • Superpower
  • System.Buffers
  • System.Collections.Immutable
  • System.Dynamic.Runtime
  • System.Globalization.Calendars
  • System.Globalization.Extensions
  • System.Memory
  • System.Numerics.Vectors
  • System.ObjectModel
  • System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe
  • System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions
  • System.ValueTuple

All libraries should be up-to-date to the most recent stable build.

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