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These docs are still incomplete. If you have any questions, please email


Kickoff is made with Less at its core, a dynamic stylesheet language created by our good friend, Alexis Sellier. It makes developing systems-based CSS faster, easier, and more fun.


One of Twitter Bootstrap's creators wrote a quick blog post about this, summarized here:

  • Bootstrap compiles faster ~6x faster with Less compared to Sass
  • Less is written in JavaScript, making it easier to us to dive in and patch compared to Ruby with Sass.
  • Less is more; we want to feel like we're writing CSS and making Kickoff approachable to all.

What's included?

As an extension of CSS, LESS includes variables, mixins for reusable snippets of code, operations for simple math, nesting, and even color functions.

Learn more

Visit the official website at to learn more

Compiling Kickoff with Less

Since our CSS is written with Less and utilizes variables and mixins, it needs to be compiled for final production implementation. Here's how:



Crunch is a great looking LESS editor and compiler built on Adobe Air.


Created by the same guy as the unofficial Mac app, CodeKit is a Mac app that compiles LESS, SASS, Stylus, and CoffeeScript.


Mac, Linux, and Windows app for drag and drop compiling of LESS files. Plus, the source code is on GitHub.

Kickoff's default LESS files

The four most important .less files in any Kickoff project are:

1. kickoff.less

All roads lead to here. Kickoff.less is the starting point for any kickoff project. Here you choose which other .less files your project needs. The order of the imported files is the same order that the CSS is compiled to.

Exclude any existing items by using a javascript comment // at the start of the line or remove that line completely.

2. variables.less

This file contains all your app/site's global variables. For example, you can set your background colours, fonts, base text size etc here & use the variable names throughout the rest of your project.

3. mixins.less

Mixins contains many useful items, but the most useful of which are the CSS3 mixins.

4. app.less

Here you add all your app-specific css/less.

Other useful LESS files


You can use the brilliant Gridlover to work out your font sizings & spacings


View the example page for a demo then view the source to understand how it works.

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