@mrmartineau mrmartineau released this May 20, 2015 · 499 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

This release focuses on improving the UX of the framework. Files are now in more intuitive places and grunt configs are clearer as well.

  • Completely restructured the static files directories.
    • Moved all CSS, images & js into the ./assets directory
      • The ./assets/src directory for source files (SCSS, javascript, images & grunticon)
      • The ./assets/dist directory for all compiled files (CSS, images & JS) is at ./assets/dist
      • Grunticon's folders are now in more intuitive places. Uncompressed SVGs, jpgs & PNGs should be saved to ./assets/src/grunticon/source. They will then be compressed to ./assets/temp/icons before Grunticon does it's thing and compiles them to ./assets/dist/img/icons.
  • Grunt & build tasks - Much has been streamlined.
    • Connect has been removed & BrowserSync is now the only way to serve a static site & reload changes. Run grunt serve to test this.
    • Our config variables are now in their own file at ./_grunt-configs/config.js & have been made more intuitive
    • Images now are automatically compressed by grunt-contrib-imagemin & are delivered to ./assets/dist/img
  • Sass updates
    • Many style rules have been removed with a primary focus on making the framework leaner & more useful.
  • The styleguide has had a massive improvement & the start page has been removed. The styleguide has been moved to .styleguide/index.html
  • Running npm run kickoff now installs all package dependencies, including Grunt if you don't have it, and is a great way to start a Kickoff project
  • Removed 404
  • Removed ./js/helpers.js as redundant. Have provided some info if you need those files again.
  • Added HTML Validation check to the checks performed when running grunt checks task.
    • This outputs the results of the check to your terminal as well as to a JSON file located at ./testing/validation/validation-results.json