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@mrmartineau mrmartineau released this Feb 8, 2017 · 125 commits to master since this release

This release has been in development for a long time. We finally moved on from using Grunt

馃挮 New

馃憤 Improved

  • Tooling: Now using Gulp + webpack v2.2.0 to compile/compress etc. All build config has moved to the .kickoff directory in the root of the project. Find out more
    • The tooling config file (config.js) has been updated and added to.
  • Add more npm run tasks so we have a consistent build API in the future. The idea is to keep these commands consistent while the values can change. For example, should we move completely to webpack, we can just switch-out the values and the same task e.g. npm run compile:all will be the same regardless.
  • SVG icons. Now using gulp-svgstore & svg4everybody so that we can have better icon/graphics workflow. Find out more
  • Sass linting with stylelint. Find out more
  • Styleguide has had an upgrade. See for an example
  • The Babel, xo & stylelint config is now all in the package.json file in an effort to remove as many dotfiles as possible.

馃憥 Removed

  • Media element scss component. The new grid is a much better alternative for this pattern, see here
  • Grunt as a build tool. Browserify as a javascript module bundler.
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