PostCSS plugin to inline @import rules content with extra features
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PostCSS plugin to inline @import rules content with extra features.


postcss([ require('postcss-easy-import') ])

See PostCSS docs for examples for your environment.

Resolving files with globs

The path to the file will be checked and if it contains a glob it will be used to locate it. These can be mixed and matched with normal module paths:

@import "suitcss-utils-display"; /* node_modules */
@import "./theme.css"; /* relative path */
@import "./components/*.css"; /* glob */


This plugin is a postcss-import extension which introduces its own resolve option.


Type: false or string Default: false

Allows partial-like importing with a prefix before the filename.

@import 'modules/partial.css';
/* will import modules/_partial.css */

Prefixed versions are always favoured. Otherwise the non-prefix version is used:

├── _baz.css
├── baz.css
├── bar.css

The matched files would be ['_baz.css', 'bar.css'].


Type: array or string Default: .css

Defines file extensions which will be looked for.


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