Tool for extracting game data from Nekopara's XP3 archives.
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Software programmed and maintained by Jakob.

Build Status

Nekopack is a work-in-progress attempt at reverse engineering the archive format used by Nekopara.

Please use this software responsibly. I chose to develop and release this because I see it as a very valuable teaching tool in accompaniment to my writeup, and I think that people who legally purchased Nekopara should have the right to view the game's content. I do not condone piracy or the redistribution of copyrighted materials in any way, shape, or form.

Nekopack is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License.


Nekopack can be compiled on Linux by running make from the repository's root directory.

*BSD users will have to install and run gmake to build Nekopack.

The test suite is run with make test or gmake test, depending on your platform.

You can add specific flags to the Makefile with USER_CFLAGS and/or USER_LDFLAGS.


  • Full unit testing, test static functions.
  • Clean up main.c, move functions like load_table and make_dirs into more appropriate files.
  • Clean up create_archive.
  • Strict warnings.
  • Game-compatible file encryption on created archives.