A crowd-powered database system, with SQL-like query interface, multi-goal optimization
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CDB is a crowd-powered database system that supports crowd-based query optimizations with focus on join and selection. CDB has fundamental differences from existing systems. First, CDB employs a graph-based query model that provides more fine-grained query optimization. Second, CDB adopts a unified framework to perform the multi-goal optimization based on the graph model. We have implemented our system and deployed it on Amazon Mechanical Turk, CrowdFlower and ChinaCrowd.

Framework Description

CDB is an intergated system with CDB-UI, CDB-Server and CDB-Assigment. End users will upload tables, submit queries and download results by CDB-UI. The query request will be submited to CDB-Server, and CDB-Server will parse sql, build model and execute every operator one by one. Those questions need to answer will be assigned to CDB-Platfrom, which will make up real questions and publish them into crowdsourcing platforms with platform.


CDB-WEB is a demo UI based on a web service for CrowdDB. By using the web UI, you can create your crowd-sql, check the processing progress, and collect the sql results in your own database.


CDB-Server is the kernel component of CDB database. It provides two types of query model, one is straight-forward model and another is graph model. For both of them, it firstly parses the inputed query and build query model from it. Secondly, CDB-Server assign those questions generated from model to different crowdsoucring platforms and collect answers. Finally, it store the query result into table. There are 5 major parts:


Prase the input query and build syntax tree or graph model.


Define the crowd operation of each operator and execute them.


Read data from databases, Store the final result to table, Stash intermediate data


An interface to CDB-Assigment components.


Schedule operator's execution order


CDB-Assignment is the assignment module of CrowdDB.

This module acts as a server to receive requests with well-formatted crowdsourcing tasks data from CDB-Server and publish the tasks to different platforms including AMT (Amazon Mechanical Turk), CF (CrowdFlower), CC (Chinacrowds).

Clone from Github

If you want to get the latest source code, please clone it from Github repo with the following command.

git clone https://github.com/TsinghuaDatabaseGroup/CDB.git
cd CDB


Since CDB has 3 componments, we need install each of them independently.

Install CDB-Server

Follow this link

Install CDB-WEB

Follow this link

Install CDB-Assignment

Follow this link


If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact Guoliang Li(liguoliang@tsinghua.edu.cn) or Xueping Weng(wxping715@gmail.com).