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an implementation of 'Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Object Recognition'
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RCNN IN Pytorch

Implementation of Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Object Recognition.


Refer to requirements.txt


Here is the architecture of the model.


Refer to the paper below for more details.


the implementation is a little bit different from the original paper.

• Instead of LRN, using BN here and removing dropout layers except the last linear layer.

• As BN layers introduce extra parameters, the feed-forward filter size in layer 1 is modified to 3 x 3.

• For simplification, using Tencorp (there exsits api in pytorch) for test here instead of the original nine crops.

How to train

usage: [-h] [-n K] [-b BATCH_SIZE] [-e EPOCH] [-s SAVE_DIR] [-l TRAINING_LOG]

Train RCNN

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -n K the parameter K for RCNN -b BATCH_SIZE the batch size in just one gpu, * GPU_COUNT -e EPOCH the training epoch -s SAVE_DIR the model parameters to be saved -l TRAINING_LOG the logs to be saved

Results on cifar-10

With Data Augmentation

Network No. of Parameters Testing Error (%)
RCNN-96 0.67 M 7.29
RCNN-128 1.19 M 6.76
RCNN-160 1.86 M 6.66

The result improves slightly compared with that in 4.2.2.Maybe the hyper-parameter can be adjusted to get a better model.

Train procedure for RCNN-96


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