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A light-weight modular Discord bot built with DiscordJS
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A light-weight, multi-purpose Discord bot built with Discord.js.


  • Currency/points system
  • XP levelling
  • Per-guild settings
  • Fun games and commands
  • Moderation and logging
  • Helpful community and quality support


A couple of dependencies you will need: NodeJS - A JavaScript runtime, it also has NPM built-in.

Once NodeJS is installed, install the npm dependencies in the windows command prompt.

  • cd [folder where the package.json is]
  • npm install

Now that the hard part is over, installation is a simple as a couple of clicks (and patience depending on your internet speed). Simply fork or download the repository and then execute this in the windows command prompt.

  • cd [folder where bot.js is]
  • node bot

Setting up the bot:

By default, the only thing you will need to edit in .env is the bot's token. If you're not sure on how to get a bot token, you can follow this tutorial made by our friends over at Reactiflux.


Optionally, you can edit the other stuff too if you want to add DBL voting and server count.

Contributing guidelines:

Due to the extremely long amount of text, you can find information on editing files, pull requests, merge requests and issues here.

Don't want to host the bot yourself?

We have a public instance of the bot which you can add to your Discord here.

Having problems?

Why not join the official Tsuyo Bot Support Discord? With lots of things to do and loads of members to chat with, it's one of the most friendly places on the internet... sorta.

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