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FMCW radar hardware, firmware and processing software.


hardware: KiCad hardware design files.

  • fmcw2: RF board.
  • fmcw2_mcu: Digital board.


  • Firmware for LPC4320 microcontroller. Based on HackRF firmware.


  • Host programs for recording data, programming firmware. Also from HackRF with small modifications.


  • fir: Resamples, filters and repackages samples for other programs.
  • Output FIR filter coefficients for fir C program.
  • Various analyses about the recorded data.
  • Pre-processing of raw data.
  • Focus raw data to SAR image.
  • Simple minimum entropy autofocusing of SAR image.

SAR focusing program is loosely based on Matlab program by Gregory L. Charvat and it also includes some functions from RITSAR.