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Function ReGex(strInput As String, regexPattern As String) As String
Dim regExs As Object, matches As Object, Arr As Variant, i As Long
Set regExs = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")
With regExs
.Global = True
.MultiLine = True
.IgnoreCase = False
.pattern = regexPattern
End With
If regExs.Test(strInput) Then
Set matches = regExs.Execute(strInput)
ReDim Arr(0 To matches.count - 1) As Variant
For i = 0 To matches.count - 1
Arr(i) = matches.item(i)
Next i
ReGex = Join(Arr, "")
ReGex = "Không có k" & ChrW(7871) & "t qu" & ChrW(7843)
End If
End Function
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