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Modular bot for Computer Science servers
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Modular bot for Computer Science servers

Command List

All command names and aliases are case-insensitive. The permissions system is in development and as such all commands can be used by anyone for the time being.

Command Name Command Aliases Command Description Command Usage
dice roll, r, diceroll, dr roll dice pseudo-randomly !roll 3d6 2d12
exec execute, run execute JavaScript code in a secure sandbox !exec ```console.log("Hello, world!");```
health status, bothealth, botstatus, h, stat, stats get statistics on bot health such as CPU, mem util, latency, etc !health
load l, enable, loadcommand, lc load command module from bot's command folder by command name or alias !load health
meat meat, m2u, m2usd retrieve live data of exchange rate between USD, Mr. Accessory, and Meat, from Kingdom of Loathing !meat
reload r reload (unload then load) command from bot's loaded command list by name or alias !reload health
unload ul, disable, unloadcommand, uc unload command module from bot's loaded command list by name or alias !unload health
wiki wikipedia, wikisearch search for a wikipedia article and retrieve its link, title, and part of its description !wiki Beatty sequence
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