Gnome-Shell extension allowing better interaction with the volume indicator, via mouse scroll/middle-button
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Better Volume Indicator

This simple extension implements two small features:

  1. When using the mouse-scroll over the volume indicator, the volume slider appears and displays the appropriate level.
  2. Clicking on the volume indicator using the mouse middle button will toggle output mute.

Extension page on e.g.o:


Installtaion via git is performed by cloning the repo into your local gnome-shell extensions directory (usually ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/):

$ git clone <extensions-dir>/

After cloning the repo, the extension is practically installed yet disabled. In order to enable it, you need to use gnome-tweak-tools - find the extension, titled 'Better Volume Indicator', in the 'Extensions' screen and turn it 'On'. You may need to restart the shell (Alt+F2 and insert 'r' in the prompt) for the extension to be listed there.