Postman collections for Tufin REST APIs
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Postman collections for Tufin REST APIs

This repository includes postman collections for Tufin REST APIs.

You can import these collections to postman.

After importing you will be able to browse the APIs, and see their detailed descriptions (by expanding the little triangle next to the API name).

The description includes implementation notes, parameters, usage example and response messages (when applicable).

When relevant an example body is also provided, you can alter this body to your needs.

You can also run the APIs directly from postman.

To do so you need to define the required environment variables which appear in the URL between double curly brackets.

You can find these variables in the included tufin.postman_environment that you can import.

Don’t forget to define basic authorization (username and password).

For more details see

Using Tufin's REST API collections in Postman