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Pytos is the Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python, which allows Python developers to make use of the services provided by SecureTrack, SecureChange and SecureApp.

Common Use Cases

  • Get security rules or ACLs from firewalls
  • Get network objects and services from firewalls
  • Get security groups from cloud platforms
  • Get routing tables and interfaces from routers and firewalls
  • Manage security zones
  • Submit and manage access requests to update firewall policies
  • Manage application connectivity


Install the package by running the following command (it is recommended that you upgrade pip first):

# pip install pytos

Running Tests

The package can be tested in all supported Python versions using tox. The tested Python version must be installed including tox:

$ tox -e py34

You can also run individual tests with your default Python version by running nosetests command directly:

$ nosetests -v tests/securetrack_test/


Connect to SecureTrack with valid username and password:

from pytos.securetrack.helpers import Secure_Track_Helper
st_helper = Secure_Track_Helper("", ("username", "password"))


Connect to SecureChange with valid username and password:

from pytos.securechange.helpers import Secure_Change_Helper
sc_helper = Secure_Change_Helper("", ("username", "password"))


Connect to SecureApp with valid username and password:

from pytos.secureapp.helpers import Secure_App_Helper
sa_helper = Secure_App_Helper("", ("username", "password"))

How to use pytos logger

To use the pytos logging mechanism perform the following steps:

The following table defines the log levels and messages, in decreasing order of severity.

Parameters Description
CRITICAL Only critical messages.
ERROR Messages with error and above.
WARNING Message with warning and above.
INFO Messages with info and above.
DEBUG All levels.

Create an ini like configuration file with the following sections:

log_file_path = /var/log/pytos/

common = WARNING
helpers = WARNING
reports = WARNING
requests = WARNING
mail = WARNING
third_party = WARNING

In your code call the following methods:

import logging
from pytos.common.logging.Defines import COMMON_LOGGER_NAME
from pytos.common.logging.Logger import setup_loggers
from pytos.common.functions.Config import Secure_Config_Parser

conf = Secure_Config_Parser(config_file_path="/ini/like/configuration/path/pytos.conf")
logger = logging.getLogger(COMMON_LOGGER_NAME)
setup_loggers(conf.dict("log_levels"), log_to_stdout=True)"Hello world")

Getting Help

For tracking bugs and new feature requests please use GitHub issues. Please also use these community resources for getting help: