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This fixes an almost infinite loop where light values
would be spam queued on a very small subset on blocks.

This also likely fixes the memory issues people were

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Fork of Paper aimed at improving server performance at high playercounts.

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How To (Server Admins)

Tuinity uses the same paperclip jar system that Paper uses.

You can download the latest build (1.17.x) of Tuinity by going here

You can also build it yourself.

How To (Plugin developers)

In order to use Tuinity as a dependency you must build it yourself. Each time you want to update your dependency you must re-build Tuinity.

Tuinity-API maven dependency:


Tuinity-Server maven dependency:


TODO nms



  • You need git installed, with a configured user name and email. On Windows you need to run from git bash.
  • You need maven installed.
  • You need jdk 16+ installed to compile (and jre 16+ to run).
  • Anything else that paper requires to build.

To set up the Tuinity-API and Tuinity-Server repo to begin editing/reading source code, clone the Tuinity repo and run gradlew applypatches from the root directory.

To build Tuinity, run the following commands in the root directory after cloning the Tuinity repo:

  1. gradlew applypatches
  2. gradlew build
  3. gradlew paperclipjar

Once all 3 steps complete successfully, tuinity-paperclip.jar will be placed into the project root directory

Creating a patch

Patches are effectively just commits in either Tuinity-API or Tuinity-Server. To create one, just add a commit to either repo and run ./gradlew rebuildpatches, and a patch will be placed in the patches folder. Modifying commits will also modify its corresponding patch file.


The PATCHES-LICENSE file describes the license for api & server patches, found in ./patches and its subdirectories except when noted otherwise.

The fork is based off of PaperMC's fork example found here. As such, it contains modifications to it in this project, please see the repository for license information of modified files.