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TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy

TukuToi Zero Tracking and Full Privacy Badge is granted to any Online Instance following the TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy.

  1. The Privacy of Website Visitors and generally users of the World Wide Web is a fundamental Right.
  2. Every action taken by any World Wide Web user in any online instance is the user's Private Concern.
  3. Any data communicated by the client, in any form, is the user's Private Property.
  4. The Website or Webmaster does not track, register, detect or else spy on the user and their activities.
  5. The Website or Webmaster does not engage in any form of tracking or analysis of the user’s data.
  6. The Website or Webmaster does not employ any form of tracking software, including but not limited to Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics,, SemRush, or any other form of analysis involving user data such as cookies, beacons, or else.
  7. The Website or Webmaster does by their knowledge the best to protect the user from Security and Data breaches, be it on The Website or Affiliated Instances, or else connected services.
  8. The Website or Webmaster transparently communicates to the visitors in a Privacy Policy what data is registered, if any, and what actions the visitor can take to remove this data, if any.
  9. The Website or Webmaster communicates to the visitors what happens with the data tracked, if any, and why specific data is collected.
  10. The Website or Webmaster does not maintain a “Email List” or else list of their visitors, unless clearly agreed upon by the visitor, nor are online decisions of the user collected.

Zero-Tracking-Policy Badge Specs

  • The Fill Color of the Badge must be #2e7ba5 or #ffffff.
  • The Badge cannot be altered from its current look.
  • Include the badge anywhere you want on your website, once or repeatedly.
  • Download, include, copy, paste the 10 points TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy where and how you want, as long it is not altered.
  • Do link the Badge to either this GitHub Repo, or the original Policy at unless you include the Policy on your project, then you may link to that page instead.
  • The easiest way to include the badge site wide using Bootstrap woudl be something like this:
  position: fixed;
  bottom: 0px;
  left: 0px;
<div class="container ">
  <div class="row ">
    <div class="col-md-1 zero-tracking-policy-badge">
        <a href="">
          <img loading="lazy" src="./img/zero-tracking.png" width="34" height="39" class="aligncenter size-full img-fluid">

Websites adhering and using the TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy

Note, this list is completely voluntary and not result of a tracking proces, of course

  1. TukuToi (
  2. HumanOfEarth (
  3. Undenk (
  4. GeneratePlugins (


TukuToi Zero Tracking and Full Privacy Badge is granted to any Online Instance following the TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy.








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