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This is Tiled, a general purpose tiled map editor. Although this release is
pretty capable and flexible, we don't expect it to be able to do enough for
most people at the moment. We need your feedback!
- Multilayer, layers can be changed around dynamically
- Multiple orientations (orthographic and isometric at the moment)
- Objects can be placed anywhere on the map
- Arbitrary custom properties can be set on the maps, layers, objects and tiles
- Tiles can be taller than the default tile height
- Easy to use drawing operations
- Universal XML-based map and tileset file formats
- Can embed tiles in the map or tileset file
- Highly portable and free software
- Maps may include tiles from multiple tilesets
- Ability to write custom Map reader/writer plugins
- Adam Turk <>
- Bjorn Lindeijer <>
- Nader Akhres (French)
- Bjorn Lindeijer (Dutch)
- ElvenProgrammer (Italian)
- Matthias Hartmann (German)
- Alexandra Puente (Spanish)
(In no particular order)
- Frode Lindeijer for the design of the logo
- Eean Cook for various contributions
- Andreas Mross for Hexagonal map implementation
- Ahmed Mohombe for many good suggestions and notes on implementation
- Rickard Isaksson for an improved image loader
- Kevin Kelley for the base64 encoder/decoder we use
- GNOME and GIMP for their magnificent icons
- Nephilim for suggesting layer opacity
- Rainer Deyke for useful suggestions and many code contributions
- Jerome Blouin for some meticulous performance testing
- Hendrik Brummermann for improving error reporting on map loading
- Nader Akhres for the JSON map writer plugin
- William C. Bubel for the Lua map writer plugin
- Matthias Kievernagel for a nice HexMapView
- Olivier Beaton for the DTD and Schema files describing the TMX format