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Downcast Localization

This repository contains localization information used in Downcast as of v3, which is currently in development. Languages that are either supported or I plan to support are listed at the bottom of this README.


NOTE - Downcast v3 is still under heavy development, which means the base (English) Localizable.strings file is being changed daily. Until that calms down, this repo just serves as a place to request support for various languages. As soon as possible, I'll commit the base Localizable.strings file and we can get to work on adding support for additional languages. At that time I'll announce it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. You'll also get a notification if you click the 'Watch' button at the top of the page to watch this repository.

For more details, see

Bug Reports

If you notice a translation error please submit a bug report by creating a new issue and clearly explaining the error. Even better, if you know how to use Git, just submit a PR that fixes the error.


Don't see your language in the list below? Search the issues and make sure no one else has requested. If not, create a new issue to request that it be added.

Language Integration Status
Chinese Planned
Danish Planned
Dutch Planned
English Done
Finnish Planned
French Planned
German Planned
Italian Planned
Japanese Planned
Korean Planned
Polish Planned
Portuguese Planned
Russian Planned
Spanish Planned


Downcast's Localization Strings





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