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pragma solidity 0.5.0;
import "./Ownable.sol";
import "./IERC20.sol";
import "./ITuneTraderExchange.sol";
* @title TTPositionManager
contract TTPositionManager {
uint256 public cost;
uint256 public volume;
uint256 public created;
enum Position { Buy, Sell }
Position public position;
IERC20 public token;
address payable owner;
address public tokenExchange;
address public tokenReceiver;
event PositionClosed();
event PositionCancelled();
event ReceivedPayment(uint256 weiAmount, address from);
event ReceivedTokens(uint256 tokenAmount, address tokenOwner, address from);
* @dev TTPositionManager Constructor
constructor (address _token, uint256 _volume, bool _isBuyPosition, uint256 _cost, address payable _owner) public payable {
require(_isBuyPosition == false || msg.value == _cost, "TTPositionManager: the buying positions must include some ETH in the msg");
owner = _owner;
token = IERC20(_token);
volume = _volume;
position = _isBuyPosition ? Position.Buy : Position.Sell;
cost = _cost;
created = block.timestamp;
tokenExchange = msg.sender;
// -----------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------
function buyTokens() external payable {
require(position == Position.Sell, "buyTokens: you can buy tokens only from selling positions");
require(token.balanceOf(address(this)) == volume, "buyTokens: tokens must be already transfered");
require(msg.value == cost, "buyTokens: you must send exact amount of ETH to buy tokens");
token.transfer(msg.sender, volume);
emit ReceivedPayment(msg.value, msg.sender);
emit PositionClosed();
function tokenFallback(address payable _tokenSender, uint256 _value) external {
require(msg.sender == address(token), "tokenFallback: tokens can be accepted only from designated token contract");
uint256 balance = token.balanceOf(address(this));
require(balance == volume, "tokenFallback: contract only accepts exact token amount equal to volume");
if (position == Position.Buy) {
require(address(this).balance == cost, "tokenFallback: ETH to buy tokens must be already transfered to the contract");
// transfering the funds to the seller and to the buyer
token.transfer(owner, volume);
emit PositionClosed();
emit ReceivedTokens(balance, _tokenSender, msg.sender);
} else {
emit ReceivedTokens(balance, _tokenSender, msg.sender);
function cancelPosition() external {
require(msg.sender == owner, "cancelPosition: only the owner can call this method");
uint256 balance = token.balanceOf(address(this));
if (position == Position.Buy) {
//buyig position. we have to send ETHEREUM back to the owner.
//the question is what to do when by any chance there are tokens from token contract on this position.
// We send it to Token Exchange Contract for manual action to be taken.
if (balance > 0) {
token.transfer(tokenExchange, balance);
} else {
//this is the "Sell" position, sending back all tokens to the owner.
token.transfer(owner, balance);
emit PositionCancelled();
// -----------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------
function _removeFromExchange() private {
// -----------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------
function getPositionData() external view returns (
address _token,
uint256 _volume,
bool _buyPosition,
uint256 _created,
uint256 _cost,
address payable _customer,
address _managerAddress,
bool _active,
uint256 _tokenBalance,
uint256 _weiBalance
) {
bool active;
uint256 weiBalance = address(this).balance;
uint256 tokenBalance = token.balanceOf(address(this));
if (position == Position.Buy) {
// this a position when somebody wants to buy tokens. They have to send ETH to make it happen.
active = weiBalance >= cost ? true : false;
} else {
// this is a position when somebody wants to sell tokens.
active = tokenBalance >= volume ? true : false;
return (
position == Position.Buy,
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