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pragma solidity 0.5.0;
import "./SongCrowdsale.sol";
import "./SongERC20.sol";
import "./SongsLib.sol";
import "./IContractStorage.sol";
* @title TuneTrader
contract TuneTrader is Ownable {
// the user should pay service fee in TXT for creating a new token and ICO
uint256 public tokenCreationFeeTXT;
uint256 public icoCreationFeeTXT;
// the x percent of investments (ETH) should go to the platform as a service fee
uint256 public icoInvestmentsFee;
// the admin can change fee after 30 days after the last change date
uint256 public lastFeeChangedAt;
uint256 public constant delayForChangeFee = 30 days;
// the admin can disable fees for creating token and ico
bool public txtFeesEnabled;
// the address of the TXT token in Mainnet
address public constant txtToken = 0xA57a2aD52AD6b1995F215b12fC037BffD990Bc5E;
IContractStorage public DS;
enum Type { Song, Band, Influencer }
* @dev TuneTrader Constructor
constructor (IContractStorage _storage, uint256 _tokenCreationFeeTXT, uint256 _icoCreationFeeTXT, uint256 _icoInvestmentsFee) public Ownable(msg.sender) {
require(_tokenCreationFeeTXT != 0 && _icoCreationFeeTXT != 0, "TuneTrader: the fees should be bigger then 0");
tokenCreationFeeTXT = _tokenCreationFeeTXT;
icoCreationFeeTXT = _icoCreationFeeTXT;
icoInvestmentsFee = _icoInvestmentsFee;
txtFeesEnabled = true;
lastFeeChangedAt = block.timestamp;
DS = _storage;
* @dev fallback function
* receiving ETH fee from the all crowdsales
function () external payable {
// received ETH from crowdsales
// -----------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------
function addICO(
address payable _wallet,
uint256 _teamTokens,
uint256[] memory _constraints,
uint256 _price,
uint256 _durationDays,
uint256 _presaleDuration,
uint8[] memory _bonuses,
uint256 assignedTokens
require(_validateTokenPurchasing(icoCreationFeeTXT), "addICO: for creating the ICO user need to pay txt fee");
require(DS.getAddress(DS.key(msg.sender, "userToSongICO")) != address(0), "addICO: no Song assigned to this msg.sender to create ICO");
address songToken = DS.getAddress(DS.key(msg.sender, "userToSongICO"));
address saleContract = SongsLib.addICO(
ISongERC20(songToken).assignICOTokens(saleContract, assignedTokens);
DS.setAddress(DS.key(songToken, "songToSale"), saleContract);
DS.setAddress(DS.key(msg.sender, "userToSongICO"), address(0));
function addSong(
string memory _name,
string memory _author,
string memory _genre,
uint8 _entryType,
string memory _website,
uint256 _totalSupply,
string memory _symbol,
string memory _description,
string memory _soundcloud,
string memory _youtube,
bool _ico,
uint8 _decimals,
uint256 _id
require(_validateTokenPurchasing(tokenCreationFeeTXT), "addSong: for creating the token user need to pay txt fee");
address song = address(new SongERC20(msg.sender, _totalSupply, _name, _symbol, _decimals, _id));
ISongERC20(song).setDetails(_author, _genre, _entryType, _website, _soundcloud, _youtube, _description);
uint256 index = DS.pushAddress(DS.key('Songs'), song);
DS.setAddress(DS.key(song, "songOwner"), msg.sender);
DS.setBool(DS.key(song, "songExist"), true);
DS.setUint(DS.key(song, "songIndex"), index);
if (_ico) {
DS.setAddress(DS.key(msg.sender, 'userToSongICO'), song);
DS.pushAddress(DS.key(msg.sender, "usersSongs"), song);
function addExistingToken(address _songToken, address _songOwner) external onlyOwner {
uint256 index = DS.pushAddress(DS.key('Songs'), _songToken);
DS.setAddress(DS.key(_songToken, "songOwner"), _songOwner);
DS.setBool(DS.key(_songToken, "songExist"), true);
DS.setUint(DS.key(_songToken, "songIndex"), index);
DS.pushAddress(DS.key(_songOwner, "usersSongs"), _songToken);
function removeSong(address _song) external {
require(_song != address(0), "removeSong: invalid song address");
SongsLib.removeSong(DS, _song, owner());
function disableFees() external onlyOwner {
txtFeesEnabled = !txtFeesEnabled;
function changeFees(uint256 _tokenCreationFeeTXT, uint256 _icoCreationFeeTXT, uint256 _icoInvestmentsFee) external onlyOwner {
require(_tokenCreationFeeTXT != 0 && _icoCreationFeeTXT != 0, "changeFees: the new fees should be bigger than 0");
require(block.timestamp >= lastFeeChangedAt + delayForChangeFee, "changeFees: the owner cant change the fee now");
require(_validateFeeChanging(tokenCreationFeeTXT, _tokenCreationFeeTXT), "changeFees: the new fee should be bigger from old fee max in 1 percent");
require(_validateFeeChanging(icoCreationFeeTXT, _icoCreationFeeTXT), "changeFees: the new fee should be bigger from old fee max in 1 percent");
require(icoInvestmentsFee + 1 >= _icoInvestmentsFee, "changeFees: the new fee should be bigger from old fee max in 1 percent");
tokenCreationFeeTXT = _tokenCreationFeeTXT;
icoCreationFeeTXT = _icoCreationFeeTXT;
icoInvestmentsFee = _icoInvestmentsFee;
lastFeeChangedAt = block.timestamp;
function withdrawTokens(uint256 amount, address receiver) external onlyOwner {
IERC20(txtToken).transfer(receiver, amount);
function withdrawEth(uint256 weiAmount, address payable receiver) external onlyOwner {
// -----------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------
function _validateFeeChanging(uint256 oldFee, uint256 newFee) private pure returns (bool) {
uint256 onePercentOfOldFee = oldFee / 100;
return (oldFee + onePercentOfOldFee >= newFee);
function _validateTokenPurchasing(uint256 feeAmount) private returns (bool) {
if (txtFeesEnabled) {
return IERC20(txtToken).transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), feeAmount);
} else {
return true;
// -----------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------
function getSongs() external view returns (address[] memory) {
return DS.getAddressTable(DS.key('Songs'));
function getMySongs() external view returns (address[] memory) {
return DS.getAddressTable(DS.key(msg.sender, "usersSongs"));
function getSongsLength(address song) external view returns (uint, uint, address) {
return SongsLib.getSongsLength(DS, song);
function getICO(address song) external view returns (address) {
require(DS.getAddress(DS.key(song, "songToSale")) != address(0), "getICO: there is no sale for this song");
return DS.getAddress(DS.key(song, "songToSale"));
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