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DayZ Community Project

Affected addons:

  • dayz_code [development version - subject to change at any time]

Community Notes:

  • Current Changelog not final Changelog

Community Change log:

    * [NEW]     class Mi17_Civilian Now Unbanned. (Mi17_DZ)
    * [NEW]     HMMWV_Ambulance_CZ_DES_EP1 Now Unbanned. (HMMWV_Ambulance_DZ)
    * [NEW]     UH60_wreck_EP1 Now Unbanned. 
    * [NEW]     An2_TK_EP1 Now Unbanned.(AN2_DZ)
    * [NEW]     UH60M_MEV_EP1 Now Unbanned. (UH60M_DZ)
    * [NEW]     AH6X Now Unbanned. (AH6X_DZ)
    * [NEW]     BAF_Offroad_D Now Unbanned.
    * [NEW]     Fully Removed Save button from action menu.
    * [NEW]     New combat mode icon (G17) thanks Alexander.
    * [NEW]     Dogs are now added and can be controlled Thanks Alby.

    * [UPDATED] Combat Logging "Fired Near" checks are now limited to 15 metre radius.
    * [UPDATED] Combat Logging "Projectile Near" Have now been removed while we look for a less intensive way to track projectiles.
    * [UPDATED] Combat Logging is now removed on death.
    * [UPDATED] Corrected legs and hands fractures they must be set with actual value.

    * [REMOVED]     Damaged logging to .rpt removed all traces of dmg to a player.
    * [REMOVED]     An2_1_TK_CIV_EP1 Got removed during testing devs felt it lacked perpose in the game.
    * [REMOVED]     An2_2_TK_CIV_EP1 Got removed during testing devs felt it lacked perpose in the game.
    * [REMOVED]     MV22 Got removed during testing devs felt it lacked perpose in the game.
    * [REMOVED]     S1203_ambulance_EP1 Got replaced during testing to a hmmv class vehicle.
    * [REMOVED]     BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS From Loot table.

    * [Fixed]   Adding checks for female skin humanity/login.
    * [Fixed]   Adding female skin to variables.
    * [Fixed]   Fixed Parachute so jumping out of choppers won?t kill you.
    * [Fixed]   Event Handle for wrecked choppers this should allow the smoke on wrecks to work all the time.
    * [Fixed]   Event Handle for Vehicles this fix's problems with local vehilce damage calls..
    * [Fixed]   Remove objects from DB by objectID and objectUID only. (Should fix Deployable problems)
    * [Fixed]   Debug menu options are no longer editable.
    * [Fixed]   Locked Singleplayer Menu

Upstream hive (public hive):
    Adjusted the respawn rates of vehicles. Previously all vehicles had pretty long respawn time making them a bit too rare.
    Still requires a server restart for vehicles to show up in-game.
    * [UPDATED] Destroyed low-end (boats, bicycles) vehicles now respawn after 3h.
    * [UPDATED] Destroyed medium-end (normal cars, motorcycle, quads) vehicles respawn after 12h.
    * [UPDATED] Destroyed high-end ( aircraft, all-terrain) vehicles respawn after 24h.
    Note: Respawn rates are our recommended rule set, they may differ on some private hive servers.


    Dogs can be found around the world roaming.
    Dogs must be tamed using a peace of raw food.
    Tamed dogs can be controlled (This is still limited for now).
    Once tamed dogs will automatically follow unless told to do something else.
    Dogs Need Food (rawsteak) new icon will apear.
    Dogs Need Water (WaterBottle) new icon will apear.
    Limited to 1 Dog per player.

    If your dog dies you can gut it.

Basic Controls:

    Sit - Tells your dog to sit.
    Lie - Tells your dog to lie down.
    Stay - Tells your dog to stay in its current location. Dogs will get bored if left.
    Track - Tells your dog to find the closest animal within 900m.
    Call - Calls your dog back. (Cancels all current commands).
    Dogs will now get in and out of vehiles with you.

Dog Problems:

    Sometimes get stuck going up/down steep slopes; very slow movement at best.
    Sometimes "loses" player and dosent follow again till player approches dog; sometimes a "Call Dog" fixes the issue.
    Sometimes repeating sit/lay down animations when in waiting mode beside player; often occurs with the Fin model. Always occurs with more than one dog.     
    Sometimes get issue when the dog isnt close to Vehilce/player when entering vehilces make sure dogs are close before entering.



  • Master - This is always the most stable branch of code.
  • Dev - Always the latest dev build.

Other Branch names are induvidual fix's for diffrent issues.


  • @Dayz - Source Code for Dayz
  • @Hive - Source Code For the HiveEXT
  • HiveEXT.dll - Rajkosto Hive - Source code can be found here (




Optional Features

Multiple Instances


Gotchas / Known Bugs

Common Issues