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from webhelpers.paginate import Page as WhPage
from webhelpers.html import HTML
from tg import request
from tg.controllers.util import url
class Page(WhPage):
def _pagerlink(self, pagenr, text):
Create a URL that links to another page using url_for().
Number of the page that the link points to
Text to be printed in the A-HREF tag
# Let the url_for() from webhelpers create a new link and set
# the variable called 'page_param'. Example:
# You are in '/foo/bar' (controller='foo', action='bar')
# and you want to add a parameter 'pagenr'. Then you
# call the navigator method with page_param='pagenr' and
# the url_for() call will create a link '/foo/bar?pagenr=...'
# with the respective page number added.
link_params = {}
# Use the instance kwargs from Page.__init__ as URL parameters
# Add keyword arguments from pager() to the link as parameters
link_params[self.page_param] = pagenr
# Create the URL to load the page area part of a certain page (AJAX updates)
partial_url = link_params.pop('partial', '') #url_for(**link_params)
# Create the URL to load a certain page
link_url = link_params.pop('link', request.path_info)
link_url = HTML.literal(url(link_url, params=link_params))
if self.onclick: # create link with onclick action for AJAX
try: # if '%s' is used in the 'onclick' parameter (backwards compatibility)
onclick_action = self.onclick % (partial_url,)
except TypeError:
onclick_action = Template(self.onclick).safe_substitute({
"partial_url": partial_url,
"page": pagenr
return HTML.a(text, href=link_url, onclick=onclick_action, **self.link_attr)
else: # return static link
return HTML.a(text, href=link_url, **self.link_attr)
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