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import tg
from tg.util import *
from import eq_
import os
path = None
def setup():
global path
path = os.curdir
def teardown():
global path
def test_get_partial_dict():
eq_(get_partial_dict('prefix', {'':1, 'prefix.zyx':2, 'xy':3}),
# These tests aren't reliable if the package in question has
# entry points.
def test_get_package_name():
eq_(get_package_name(), 'tg')
def test_get_project_name():
eq_(get_project_name(), 'TurboGears2')
def test_get_project_meta():
eq_(get_project_meta('requires.txt'), os.path.join('TurboGears2.egg-info', 'requires.txt'))
def test_get_model():
eq_(get_model(), None)
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