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"""JSON encoding functions."""
import datetime
import decimal
import types
from json import JSONEncoder as _JSONEncoder
from import asbool
from webob.multidict import MultiDict
from tg._compat import string_type
from tg.configuration.utils import GlobalConfigurable
from tg.util.sqlalchemy import dictify as dictify_sqla, is_saobject, is_query_result, is_query_row
from tg.util.ming import dictify as dictify_ming, is_mingobject, is_objectid
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class JsonEncodeError(Exception):
"""JSON Encode error"""
class JSONEncoder(_JSONEncoder, GlobalConfigurable):
"""TurboGears custom JSONEncoder.
Provides support for encoding objects commonly used in TurboGears apps, like:
- SQLAlchemy queries
- Ming queries
- Dates
- Decimals
- Generators
Support for additional types is provided through the ``__json__`` method
that will be called on the object by the JSONEncoder when provided and through
the ability to register custom encoder for specific types using
CONFIG_OPTIONS = {'isodates': asbool,
'allow_lists': asbool}
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
self._registered_types_map = {}
self._registered_types_list = tuple()
kwargs = self.configure(**kwargs)
super(JSONEncoder, self).__init__(**kwargs)
def configure(self, isodates=False, custom_encoders=None, allow_lists=False, **kwargs):
"""JSON encoder can be configured through :class:`.AppConfig` (``app_cfg.base_config``)
using the following options:
- ``json.isodates`` -> encode dates using ISO8601 format
- ``json.custom_encoders`` -> List of tuples ``(type, encode_func)`` to register
custom encoders for specific types.
- ``json.allow_lists`` -> Allows lists to be encoded, this is usually disabled for
security reasons due to JSON hijacking. See
for additional details.
self._isodates = isodates
self._allow_lists = allow_lists
if custom_encoders is not None:
for type_, encoder in custom_encoders.items():
self.register_custom_encoder(type_, encoder)
return kwargs
def register_custom_encoder(self, objtype, encoder):
"""Register a custom encoder for the given type.
Instead of using standard behavior for encoding the given type to JSON, the
``encoder`` will used instead. ``encoder`` must be a callable that takes
the object as argument and returns an object that can be encoded in JSON (usually a dict).
if objtype in self._registered_types_map:
log.warning('%s type already registered for a custom encoder, replacing it', objtype)
self._registered_types_map[objtype] = encoder
# Append to head, so we find first the last registered types
self._registered_types_list = (objtype, ) + self._registered_types_list
def default(self, obj):
if isinstance(obj, self._registered_types_list):
# Minor optimization, enter loop only when we are instance of a supported type.
for type_, encoder in self._registered_types_map.items():
if isinstance(obj, type_):
return encoder(obj)
elif hasattr(obj, '__json__') and callable(obj.__json__):
return obj.__json__()
elif isinstance(obj, (, datetime.datetime, datetime.time)):
if self._isodates:
if isinstance(obj, (datetime.datetime, datetime.time)):
obj = obj.replace(microsecond=0)
return obj.isoformat()
return str(obj)
elif isinstance(obj, decimal.Decimal):
return float(obj)
elif is_saobject(obj):
return dictify_sqla(obj)
elif is_mingobject(obj):
return dictify_ming(obj)
elif is_query_result(obj):
return dict(rows=list(obj), count=obj.rowcount)
elif is_query_row(obj):
return dict(rows=dict(obj), count=1)
elif is_objectid(obj):
return str(obj)
elif isinstance(obj, MultiDict):
return obj.mixed()
elif isinstance(obj, types.GeneratorType):
return list(obj)
return _JSONEncoder.default(self, obj)
_default_encoder = JSONEncoder.create_global()
def encode(obj, encoder=None, iterencode=False):
"""Return a JSON string representation of a Python object."""
if encoder is None:
encoder = _default_encoder
encode_func = encoder.encode
if iterencode:
encode_func = encoder.iterencode
if isinstance(obj, string_type):
return encode_func(obj)
if encoder._allow_lists is False:
value = obj['test']
except TypeError:
if not hasattr(obj, '__json__') and not is_saobject(obj) and not is_mingobject(obj):
raise JsonEncodeError('Your Encoded object must be dict-like.')
return encode_func(obj)
def encode_iter(obj, encoder=None):
"""Encode object, yielding each string representation as available."""
return encode(obj, encoder=encoder, iterencode=True)