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"""TurboGears project related information"""
version = "2.3.5"
description = "Next generation TurboGears"
TurboGears brings together a best of breed python tools
to create a flexible, full featured, and easy to use web
TurboGears 2 provides an integrated and well tested set of tools for
everything you need to build dynamic, database driven applications.
It provides a full range of tools for front end javascript
develeopment, back database development and everything in between:
* dynamic javascript powered widgets (ToscaWidgets2)
* automatic JSON generation from your controllers
* powerful, designer friendly XHTML based templating (Genshi)
* object or route based URL dispatching
* powerful Object Relational Mappers (SQLAlchemy)
The latest development version is available in the
`TurboGears Git repositories`_.
.. _TurboGears Git repositories:
author= "Mark Ramm, Christopher Perkins, Jonathan LaCour, Rick Copland, Alberto Valverde, Michael Pedersen, Alessandro Molina, and the TurboGears community"
email = ",,,"
copyright = """Copyright 2005-2014 Kevin Dangoor,
Alberto Valverde, Mark Ramm, Christopher Perkins and contributors"""
license = "MIT"
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