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# A handy alias to make a release to pypi
release = egg_info -RDb "" sdist bdist_egg register upload
# A handy alias to install for development
tgdevelop = develop -i
# Another alias for installing all possible requirements for testing
tgtesting = easy_install -i AddOns BytecodeAssembler Chameleon coverage DecoratorTools Extremes Genshi Jinja2 Kajiki kid multiprocessing nose PEAK_Rules repoze.tm2 repoze.who repoze.who_friendlyform simplegeneric sprox SQLAlchemy SymbolType tgext.admin tgext.crud ToscaWidgets transaction TurboJson TurboKid tw.forms zope.interface zope.sqlalchemy tw2.forms tw2.core speaklater
tgrelease = easy_install yolk basketweaver sphinx
tgnose = nosetests --with-coverage --cover-erase --cover-package=turbogears --with-xunit --verbosity=2
# A handy alias to run tests with a coverage report
cover = nosetests --with-coverage
#tag_build = dev
#tag_svn_revision = true
# Enable with-coverage manually in the CLI args to see coverage results
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