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= Change Log =
+== 2.3.1 (**November 4, 2013**) ==
+* Also make error handling a class method as it is not bound to the controller instance
+* Less usage of request local objects
+* Keep track of method requirements in decoration
+* Make _perform_validate a class method as it doesn't actually depend on the controller instance
+* Skip coverage of a deprecated function that only forwards call to new API
+* Improve registry manager streaming to cope with WSGI server that read the output like gevent-socketio
+* A bit of move around of setup_tg_wsgi_app parts to cleanup roles of each component
+* Put Decoration.register_hook in place again due to libraries using it but add a deprecation warning
+* remove wrong TODO
+* Refactor validation status reporting, tmpl_context.form_errors and tmpl_context.form_values got removed in favor of request.validation which keeps more details
+* Fix docstring for AppConfig
+* Refactoring TurboGears hooks and expose a public API to manage custom hooks
+* Lazy resolution of application wrappers, so that ordering can be applied when they are all available
+* Configuration milestones support, enables expositions to be resolved lazily when renderers are available
== 2.X ==
* @with_trailing_slash and @without_trailing_slash have been moved to a 301 permanent redirect for SEO reasons

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