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Remove imports for formencode parts which are not used anymore

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1 parent 6e4db53 commit e4be7ee2bda13950c8eb513a55dc3b2ff8835c56 @amol- amol- committed May 25, 2012
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@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@ def strip_string(s):
from tg.render import render as tg_render
from tg.controllers.util import pylons_formencode_gettext
from tg.validation import (_navigate_tw2form_children, _FormEncodeSchema,
- _FormEncodeValidationError, _format_compound_error,
_Tw2ValidationError, validation_errors,
_FormEncodeValidator, TGValidationError)
@@ -8,16 +8,13 @@ class _Tw2ValidationError(Exception):
from formencode.api import Invalid as _FormEncodeValidationError
from formencode.api import Validator as _FormEncodeValidator
from formencode import Schema as _FormEncodeSchema
- from formencode.schema import format_compound_error as _format_compound_error
except ImportError, e:
class _FormEncodeValidationError(Exception):
"""FormEncode Invalid"""
class _FormEncodeValidator(object):
"""FormEncode Validator"""
class _FormEncodeSchema(object):
"""FormEncode Schema"""
- def _format_compound_error(*arg, **kw):
- """FormEncode format_compound_error"""
def _navigate_tw2form_children(w):
if getattr(w, 'id', None):

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