Remove the setuptools bootstrapper in favor of distribute #11

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Original Author: pedersen, Original Timestamp: 2011-03-29 02:35:17.246000

Original Body: Setuptools is dead, and Tarek Ziad's fork called distribute is now the only one getting bugfixes. Distribute has received official blessing from the BDFL, and as such, it is proper to remove all use of the old setuptools. I suggest that be replaced with, and the relevant changes be made to

10/13/09 16:05:39 changed by chrisz

I don't think we need to rush that. There was a bugfix release of setuptools yesterday, so it seems it is not quite dead. And this is an external package, so it's not the realm of the BDFL - otherwise we all should stop using TG and use Django instead. Let's wait some months until the dust has settled; currently for a Py 2.x package there is no real advantage of using distribute over setuptools.

Btw, in #2169. we are already discussing migrating to pip.
Delete 11/17/09 11:03:30 changed by jorge.vargas

milestone changed from __unclassified__ to 2.x.

chrisz, don't be fooled by that release. Distribute is the way to go. We simply can't afford as a community to depend on one person's will at merging fixes. We can't live without uninstall forever. Distribute and pip will fix packaging in python.

That said I think we should add a but not replace it.

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Original Author: pedersen, Original Timestamp: 2012-08-24 01:41:56.041000

Original Body: - version: 2.1.0 --> 2.1.5

  • milestone: 2.2.0 --> 2.3.0
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This can probably be considered closed as PIP is used and private index got removed

@amol- amol- closed this Jan 14, 2014
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