tg2.0.4: The following changes were added for 2.0.4:

@pedersen pedersen tagged this Jun 4, 2011 · 1143 commits to development since this tag

	* Python 2.4 compatibility was fixed.
	* Nested RestControllers had a bug preventing the proper
	  resolution of the "delete" method. This has been fixed.
	* When all @expose'd methods of a controller had a
	  CUSTOM_CONTENT_TYPE, a 404 would be returned. This has been fixed.
	* Problem existed with getting tuples into controllers. Patch from
	  bug 37 applied to fix this.
	* Brought the current TG2 private PyPI current. Getting installation
	  to work is now as easy as "easy_install TurboGears2==2.0.4"
	* Got automated testing working consistently.
	* Added tests for mixing positional args, keyword args, and pagination
	* dependency_links is now in place to make it easier to get the initial
	  setup done
	* Several other smaller bugs were fixed.