…emoved, and only 2.5-2.7 will be supported

* TurboGears extension architecture enhanced. Better support for hooks before and after configuration
* Performance enhancements in tg module and in default templates
* Enhancements to lazy_url
* WebOb version locked in. The change of virtualenv to "distribute" by default has broken dependency_links and allow_hosts in the config files, and this works around that issue.
* Jinja2 filters are now automatically loaded
* Work arounds for best_match, which was not producing the expected behavior with IE7 and IE8
* Add "auto_reload_template" as an .ini option
* Performance tuning the default size of the Genshi cache
* Added Genshi advanced i18n support
* Better compatibility with SQLAlchemy 0.7
* Changed default quickstart options to help ensure that some model is always available
* Documentation enhancements
* Nested RestControllers now work as expected (no longer required to implement "_custom_actions")