tg2.2.0: Important Commit Messages:

@pedersen pedersen tagged this Aug 24, 2012 · 552 commits to development since this tag

* Fix template engine extension collision in tw2.core >= 2.1
* Permit TGController subclasses to keep the decorations made on the parent class methods around
* Support repoze.who v2
* New auth configuration layer that doesn't require repoze.what anymore while still being compatible
* Support validation dict using TW2 validators and make validation less dependant from FormEncode
* Always prefer default renderer when multiple engines are registered for the same content_type
* Fix empty documentation for some decorators
* Remove url kwargs which were marked for removal in 2.2
* Remove legacy renderers support
* Disable AuthMetadataProvider when is None
* Improved kajiki loader to solve some issues with py:extends
* use .jinja extension for jinja templates by default
* On Mako when using file loader templates where reloaded using the
  auto_reload_templates option, while when using dotted loader the
  mako.reloadfromdisk option was used. Merge the two options in
  auto_reload_templates as all the other templates engines use this
* __before__ and __after__ were renamed to _before and _after
* Expose render call as a public api with render_template name
* Create sqla module for sqlalchemy related things and add BalancedSession for master/slave load balancing
* Change prefix for tw2 to make resources archiving work correctly
* prefer_toscawidgets2 option in app_cfg enables tw2 and disables
  tw2. This should be the default in 2.2 newly quickstarted projects
* Add option for setting the template rendering parameters.
* Permit to avoid doctype injection when manually rendering templates with tg.render.render
* Object dispatch has been delegated to the crank package, improving performance and test coverage
* Quickstart new applications using repoze.who v2
* Add dynamic response.charset to meta in mako templates
* New quickstart template
* Quickstart projects without repoze.what requirement using new auth layer
* Fix issue with kajiki quickstart
* Adapt the bootstrap based template to jinja changes, always provide
  master.html for extensions and remove the minimal template as the
  new one is minimal enough
* Make genshi always available to have a lingua franca for pluggable apps and extensions
* Storing sessions in encrypted cookies is easier to manage then the file based solution for newly quickstarted projects
* tgext.admin now works with ToscaWidgets2
* Paste quickstart command will now ask if you want to use an alternative templating system instead of asking for each one
* New Upgrading TG2 page
* Document new inherit option of @expose with examples
* Fix missing kajiki setup_renderer reference and remove reference to default_renderer
* Update Authentication documentation
* Document flash and caching
* Document lurl usage
* Document WebFlash
* Add more docs and example about app_globals and tmpl_context
* Document ugettext and lazy_ugettext
* Document DBsession().using_engine switch to a context manager
* Minor fixes in MultipleDtabases documentation
* Added documentation about master slave load balancing
* Removing some old and now invalid parts of the documentation and add ToscaWidgets2 documentation
* Remove some references to tw1 in core parts of the doc

Tickets Closed:
1	Improve documentation on authentication, identification and authorization
2	Include lazy translations in the documentation
11	Document SecureFormMixin from TW
19	DataGrid and pagination tutorial/​reference missing for TG2
21	sqlite db creation error in wiki20 tutorial
26	Documentation for app_globals unclear
27	Document webflash aka tg.flash
51	Turbogears 2.1b1 tgext.admin Doesn't Handle Boolean Options
57	add a --clean option to quickstart
68	Simplify database migration in TG2
70	Migrating turbogears to pip
71	Create some kind of "component" architecture for TG2
75	quickstart graphics aren't easy to modify
137	Proper use of url() for widgets in the documentation
138	Backport repoze.what-quickstart and repoze.what-pylonshq removal
139	Move dispatch to Crank
140	Verify quickstart and devtools dependency
149	Expose the tg.render.render function as render_template
150	Full ToscaWidgets2 support and make it default when quickstarting app
151	Minimal Search and Sorting functions in admin
152	Jinja Support in quickstart
153	Master /​ Slave database support
154	Merge autoreload options for template engines
156	Provide a way to quickstart with Kajiki
157	repoze.who-1.0 is bugged when using auth_tkt
158	Permit to inherit decorations on TGController subclasses
160	allow_only doesn't get checked in dynamically dispatched RestController