tg2.2.0rc2: TG2 Core Updates:

@pedersen pedersen tagged this Jun 27, 2012 · 563 commits to development since this tag

 * Template engines in tw2.core could collide, based on template extensions. Fixed.
 * Subclassed controllers now keep the decorations inherited from their parents
 * repoze.who v2 is now supported
 * Form validation now supports TW2 validation dictionaries, less dependent on FormEncode
 * When multiple renderers are registered for the same content type, the default renderer is now preferred
 * URL keyword args, marked for removal in 2.2, are now removed.
 * Ming setup issues are resolved, and Ming is in its own module
 * repoze.who v2 is not compatible with repoze.what v1. New compatible module has been provided to make code change minimal.
 * Jinja templates must now have the extension .jinja Conflicts with .html were being found when Genshi and Jinja were mixed in the same project.
 * Mako option "reloadfromdisk" has been deprecated. Use "auto_reload_templates" as this is the default for other rendering engines
 * __before__ and __after__ were renamed to _before and _after in the past. Code and documentation now reflects this.

Devtools / Quickstart Updates
 * New applications will be set up to use repoze.who v2 by default
 * Improvements to the quickstart look, layout, and content
 * Quickstarts now support Kajiki as a rendering engine
 * Twitter Bootstrap support in quickstart
 * Genshi is always available in new quickstarted projects. Provides a common template language for use in extensions
 * Sessions are now stored in encrypted cookies