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Upgrade Kajiki templates to new 0.3.5 behavior

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commit 503eb978d8e34a03f4880166971ce371a21634b5 1 parent 69c1f77
@amol- amol- authored
2  devtools/commands/quickstart_kajiki/about.xml
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
each page in this site.</p>
<p>There's more to the "master.html" template... study it to see how the
- &amp;lt;title&amp;gt; tags and static JS and CSS files are brought into the page.
+ &lt;title&gt; tags and static JS and CSS files are brought into the page.
Templating with Genshi is a powerful tool and we've only scratched the surface.
There are also a few little CSS tricks hidden in these pages, like the use of a
"clearingdiv" to make sure that your footer stays below the sidebars and always
8 devtools/commands/quickstart_kajiki/master.xml
@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@
<div class="container">
<a class="brand" href="#"><img src="${tg.url('/images/turbogears_logo.png')}" alt="TurboGears 2"/> ${getattr(tmpl_context, 'project_name', 'turbogears2')}</a>
<ul class="nav">
- <li class="${('', 'active')['page' in self._context and page=='index']}"><a href="${tg.url('/')}">Welcome</a></li>
- <li class="${('', 'active')['page' in self._context and page=='about']}"><a href="${tg.url('/about')}">About</a></li>
- <li class="${('', 'active')['page' in self._context and page=='data']}"><a href="${tg.url('/data')}">Serving Data</a></li>
- <li class="${('', 'active')['page' in self._context and page=='environ']}"><a href="${tg.url('/environ')}">WSGI Environment</a></li>
+ <li class="${('', 'active')[self.defined('page') and page=='index']}"><a href="${tg.url('/')}">Welcome</a></li>
+ <li class="${('', 'active')[self.defined('page') and page=='about']}"><a href="${tg.url('/about')}">About</a></li>
+ <li class="${('', 'active')[self.defined('page') and page=='data']}"><a href="${tg.url('/data')}">Serving Data</a></li>
+ <li class="${('', 'active')[self.defined('page') and page=='environ']}"><a href="${tg.url('/environ')}">WSGI Environment</a></li>
<ul class="nav pull-right" py:if="tg.auth_stack_enabled">
<li py:if="not request.identity"><a href="${tg.url('/login')}">Login</a></li>
2  devtools/templates/turbogears/setup.py_tmpl
@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ install_requires=[
{{elif jinja == 'True'}}
+ {{elif kajiki == 'True'}}
+ "Kajiki >= 0.3.5",
{{if sqlalchemy == 'True'}}
"zope.sqlalchemy >= 0.4",
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