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TurboGears 2.3 Documentation Source
This is the source of the latest Turbogears 2.3 documentation effort.
The docs are written in reStructuredText_ (.rst files), a simple markup
language often used to document python projects.
We use Sphinx_ to generate html from the rst files.
Since this documentation is for the 2.3 development branch of Turbogears,
We also need to download the source in order to generate documentation from
the modules.
If you are interested in helping with the new turbogears docs, we recommend
you touch base with mpedersen on the IRC channel #turbogears. He appreciates
any help you can give, and can help you get setup so he can more easily
incorporate your modifications. In :ref:`building_docs`, we give detailed
information on how to setup an environment for building the docs. Using
this guide will give you a jumpstart for participating in the effort.
Building Docs
Please see the file :ref:`building_docs` for more information.
For those of you reading this outside of a restructed text setup, please view
the file building_docs.rst for more information.
.. _Sphinx:
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