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@@ -94,6 +94,12 @@ add utility methods on the fly::
+ __table_options__ = { # see Sprox TableBase and Sprox TableFiller
+ '__limit_fields__': ['title', 'desc'],
+ '__add_fields__': {'computed': None},
+ 'computed': lambda filler, row: row.some_field * 2
+ }
__setters__ = {
'done':('status', 'done'),
'todo':('status', 'new'),
@@ -107,6 +113,12 @@ and to edit the existing ones.
To have a look at the available options refer to
`Sprox FormBase <>`_
+The ``__table_options__`` dictionary will permit to tune the forms configuration.
+To have a look at the available options refer to
+`Sprox TableBase <>`_,
+`Sprox TableFiller <>`_,
+and their parents as well.
The ``__setters__`` option provides a way to add new simple methods on the fly
to the controller. The key of the provided dictionary is the name of the method, while
the value is a tuple where the first argument is the attribute of the object

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