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TurboGears Documentation
+.. image:: main/images/python_logo.png
+ :align: right
TurboGears is a web framework written in Python that combines best-of-breed
technologies to offer a developer rapid initial ramp-up, an even learning curve,
and scalability as your project grows. TurboGears is built on a
@@ -11,6 +14,7 @@ only to TurboGears. Although TurboGears provides fully featured ORM
(Object Relational Mapper), Templating Languages, and URL dispatch mechanisms,
the codebase remains less than 2000 lines of executable code.
It is important to note that this version of TurboGears is a reinvention
of the original TurboGears project developed by Kevin Dangoor. TurboGears2
was developed to increase cooperation between the Python Web Framework
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