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Updating todo list in the readme. Updating youtube video ids to new i…

…ds after working on the upload today.
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2 README.txt
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- Add search box on site template. Include doc page inventories for searching
+- Cogbin issues: Those need to be fixed. It should be more obvious that the keywords are clickable links to get to the right tables. It's not, and that's bad styling, I admit.
+- The color changes for the menu items: Support for :static and :hover is currently broken. Needs to be fixed.
6 src/welcome/presentations.rst
@@ -12,12 +12,12 @@ Here are some talks about TurboGears 2 and related topics found around the inter
Intermediate TurboGears part 1
-.. youtube:: hhm4F-QLZ38
+.. youtube:: OgoZXWrUJLs
Intermediate TurboGears part 2
-.. youtube:: nrraNDj8QuI
+.. youtube:: vD5w6jDj0c0
Intermediate TurboGears part 3
-.. youtube:: F0i1QTt7DLc
+.. youtube:: S5gYW-uLRO8

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